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May 2008

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Mod Post #4: Super Spectrum Theory

One thing I've noticed regarding anomalies-- and you'd know this if you took my series of paranormal quizzes, is that many of the various often very different types of anomalies are seen in bunches in the same area. For example, the Mothman, seen near where I live in the Point Pleasant, West Virginia and Galipolis, Ohio areas in the mid 60s, was only a part of what was going on during the year's period of repeated sightings leading up to the collapse of the Silver Bridge. In fact, psychic dreams were way up. UFO sightings and abductions were taking place (police officers and respected citizens were reporting this, not just teenagers!) and MIBs or Men In Black were showing up and harassing people. The Mothman, or versions thereof, also called "the Owlman" in some places-- has been seen in conjuction to some UFO flaps along with a sudden rise in prophetic dreams and ESP-type talents in people for YEARS. On average, at least one or two areas of the planet are having a run of such encounters involving sightings of a "Mothman"--  Point Pleasant's version just got noticed and written about more extensively than most, but such reports are not unknown either before or since the 60s. 

Even going WAY BACK in history, one finds UFO sightings at the same time people see witches, freaks, or Men-In-Black, crypto-animals or monsters, and psychic abilities take a sudden rise with some people for the duration of the flap, often lasting from 3 months to a year or so. Again and again one sees this. Most people who experience the oddness will encounter only 1 or 2 things, if anything. One guy sees a UFO, while a kid wandering the woods swears he saw a sasquatch, the lady down the lane dreamed about her son dying while in collage which later came true, and then 2 fellows reporting on some of the above get chased down by weirdos in black cars who get confused by the dumbest things...

Naturally, all this has led to some interesting speculation regarding the totality of reality. Maybe our reality is just ONE of many parallel realities-- and sometimes, just sometimes, when the magnetic fields align or waver, there are LEAKS. And some people see symptoms of that leak-- which is where all these reports come from. A similar source, just different aspects of it. As if each of our worlds is a different color in a rainbow or something-- Well, I'll let another explain it better than I can.  A man named Gorightly (love the name!) was talking about this recently in an interview. I saved it to share here:

GORIGHTLY: The Superspectrum theory is related to what are known as "UFO windows", or "UFO hotspots", where UFOs and other weird sightings occur. And it’s within these "UFO windows" that a Superspectrum exists, according to Keel’s theory. A common description of UFOs is that they often change colors, which suggested to Keel that UFOs are some form of energy traveling through our visible light spectrum. The Superspectrum Theory contends that UFOs exist normally at frequencies beyond visible light, but that they can also adjust their frequency and descend into the electromagnetic spectrum—just as you can turn the dial of your radio up and down the scale of radio frequencies. So when a UFO frequency nears that of visible light, it will first appear as a purplish blob. As it moves further down the scale, it changes to blue, and then to blue-ish green and so on, finally to white. This is how many UFO sightings unfold. So, according to Keel’s theory, UFOs are energies of a different frequency. Like tuning a radio, you pick up and amplify only the signal coming in at a certain point, or frequency, of the electromagnetic spectrum. Your eyes are also receivers tuned to very specific wavelengths, as your brain is also a receiver. 

Paranormal investigators often use infrared detection systems which reveal otherwise invisible activity. Altered states--such as those produced by ritual magick or the use of mind altering drugs--are other possible methods of seeing into the Superspectrum, which is akin to someone using infrared goggles at night to see what the naked eye cannot. This, in essence, is what psychics claim to do. They have simply fine-tuned this ability to pick up these waves and frequencies that "normal" people can’t see. And once these waves or frequencies are filtered through a person’s consciousness and belief system, then what comes out on the other end of perception may be an angel if someone is religiously inclined, or alien beings in flying saucers, or whatever we view them to be through the filters of our belief systems. So, in essence, these entities appear to be temporary manipulations of energy. Keel likes to use the word "transmogrifications" to describe them. A transmogrification is reminiscent of what the Native Americans called a shapeshifter, or what the Tibetans call tulpas. Entities that can change shape and form. And this is how I view the UFO phenomenon: as an intelligence that can take on many shapes, and wear many masks.

I generally agree with most of Keel's theories, although early on he thought that the other realities weren't "real" as such but somehow projections from an intelligence to us that created hallucinations or something. Which is, I think, only a tiny part of the whole picture. The notion that these Others can "mask" who and what they really are seems well established-- hell, I can verify that with my alien dudes! They've shown up as dudes in black cloaks and cowls, as giant skinny cats, and as giant owls and deer! But there's more than just this, I believe. More later!