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wraith choir

May 2008

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Mod Post #6: Faster Time & Reality Densities

My reading has expanded and I've found new sources to contemplate-- some ideas have been coming to me I never expected. It's as if I'm being "triggered" by reading certain key phrases or coming across certain notions. I've accumulated so much material to discuss on LJ in these past days that I don't know how I shall ever catch up. But... I suppose I can only start and take it a step at a time. 

I want to introduce 2 concepts here that also appear elsewhere. 

1-- The idea that time is going faster, and that soon our world will make some sort of a "jump" to another timezone.

2-- The idea that each of these "timezones" is also a specific sort of reality/ dimension/ density. These parallel realities correspond to colors and musical notes, like different levels of vibration of sound and light.

Much of this was introduced to me via my studies with Nahili, a Shawnee medicine woman. Some of it I had heard before, naturally, through various texts I'd run acros-- but it was a shock to find these same notions as part of the sacred teachings of some Native American tribes. Now here I find some psychic guy who mentions the same:

From David Wilcock-- the possible reincarnation of Edgar Cayce:


Are you paying attention? This strongly implies that time as we know it has DRAMATICALLY sped up between second and third-density. It has started going at least 100 times faster in 3D than it was in 2D! Therefore, such a speeding-up should happen again when we go into 4D — but if our time is going faster now than it was before, the time period should be a lot less than 1350 years.

Comment: First off, the labels he uses for dimensional realities need to be improved. 2 dimensions is a flat plane, and 4 is just 3 dimensions moving in time.  I wish he had better understanding of some of this stuff. But, one can glean his intent in this communication dispite his lack of scientific acumen.

All the same, though-- this very smart guy is MISSING some of the keys to how all this works! He's thinking it's more linear going from one level up to the next-- NOT CYCLICAL or, more accurately -- VORTICAL (spiral-- cycles also progressing in a line.) Like Edgar Cayce himself, he's not understanding what he's channelling as well as he could. He's an announcer-- NOT an interpreter!-- at least not on some of this material.

Thus in first-density the red ray is the foundation for all that is to come. In second density the orange ray is that of movement and growth of the individual, this ray striving towards the yellow ray of self-conscious manifestations of a social nature as well as individual; third-density being the equivalent.

Comment: He mentions that the densities of the world's astral plane corresponds to colors. That we'll be going from YELLOW density (or social sphere/ambition) of our current dimension to GREEN density (or balance and love) in the future. This sounds to match up exactly with chakras! I'm sure it's no coincidence. As if the spirit of the planetary plane of existence we live on is itself within only one major chakra at a time? Oh, hell-- why not? For the sake of checking out some theories, why not imagine this is so-- ?

Intriguingly, I got a really powerful "trigger" to this short phrase above. I think there is a connection to my dreams about finding the GREEN DOOR.-- DOWN the steps... vortex to nexus point? Jeez! Now to explain that I'll have to explain about time flows in a hyperdimensional spheroid cycle. Well... we'll get to that eventually. 

This bit is rather frustrating because other areas of his site (www.divinecosmos.com) where he discusses spirituality, ethics, and how to live life are just so on!  He's an excellent metaphysician-- very to the point and using common sense to explain how these things work. I don't want to give the impression-- since I keep "correcting" his writing-- that I'm not deeply respectful of this guy. Hense the frustration!

Overall, I'm more than a little impressed with his articles and blog entries. For example, he lambasts the recent pop hit The Secret, pointing out how it treats spirituality like a giant cosmic cash machine! Thank you! I agree with nearly everything he says-- EXCEPT some of how he interprets the data for the upcoming future. Sigh! Then he just starts going off the deep end. (Like any of this is shallow end?)

There's a lot I study that I fear makes little sense to some, but I'm still going to be a butthead and post about it! Realizing first hand that ancient, so-called "primitive" peoples could grasp concepts like this has made me rethink seriously what I used to consider "sophisticated" civilization. (I mean, I've always had my criticisms of moden life, and thought we too quickly dismissed the importance of ancient wisdoms, but I'm even further along than that, now.)