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wraith choir

May 2008

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Mod Post #7: Vortices, Toruses & Hyperdimensional Time Cycles Introduced

Jeeezus Krist!  You think the TITLE is a little much? Hang onto your bouffants, because I'm going to attempt to explain something that resonates very powerfully for me-- the notion that time flows in cycles, and that our own time-flow is about to switch cycles. How true this is I cannot say, all I can say is that it scores high on the "truthiness" scale for me. 

(Stephen Colbert made up the word for something that isn't necessarily true but FEELS like it SHOULD be true! I love his show-- and The Daily Show, of course! Where was I? TANGENT ALERT! TANGENT ALERT!)

To begin with, you have to stretch your mind a bit and imagine that time does NOT flow in a straight line. It is NOT exactly linear. Just like the world is spherical, but appears flat on the small scale, so too does time wind around and around but appear to be a straight line in the very short term. Time flows in cycles progressively, like the most sacred of symbols-- the Spiral. We're going to turn that spiral 3D for the next part. Imagine that time flows around in a sort of sphere to vortex to sphere sort of a pattern. 

 The idea is that there are 4 different patterns, which some call "the ages"-- and they have to do with what direction the time energy is flowing in: 1-- Outward, getting progressively more loose and free-- reality is very flexible and time seems to be slowing down, 2-- Inward slightly, tightening up, but still loose, 3-- Inward, seriously tightening and getting much denser and time seems to move "faster", and finally our OWN time currently 4-- Inward severely, tightening so much reality is very thick and static and time seems to whiz by. #1 pattern is the bottom half of the sphere, it's like an upside down vortex flowing out to a sphere. The rest is the top half of the sphere going into an upright vortex. Our time is the bottom of the vortex. (I'll send you to Weidner's site to see the visual aid on this after a few more entries about it.)

Weidner goes on:

"But understanding tornados also helps us understand vortexes and the density of forces in the hypersphere. Tornados (and also hurricanes) are made up of air like that which surrounds us all the time. But as the air begins spinning it takes on a strange solidity. While the swirling air at the top of a tornado is somewhat dangerous, it is the spinning air near the surface of the ground that is really dangerous. Near the tip of a tornado, where it is in contact with the ground, the air takes on the quality of solid iron. The tips of tornados can rip buildings apart, throw cars and trucks thousands of feet and punch chaffs of wheat into the very center of a trees like a bullet. As the air spins more violently, the tip of the tornado vortex becomes as strong as 50 locomotives engines and possesses the density of the hardest of metals. Yet it is just comprised of air molecules. But these molecules are spinning so quickly that they create a mass that is extremely powerful. It is the spin of the air that causes it to densify and take on the solidity of metals.

Getting back to the central core of our hyperdimensional torus we can understand the vortexes inside this sphere and how time unfolds by using the tornado analogy. As the energy flow begins to dip down into the top of the tetrahedral shaped vortex it begins to spin. As the energy flow descends, its spin becomes more rapid and compressed. Like a tornado, as it reaches further down, the tip of the vortex ‘hardens’."

So... that is where we're at in reality right now. At the bottom of a rapidly spinning vortex of time-space. Because of this, there are 2 major effects upon our reality:

One effect is upon time itself. An hour seems to go by much faster now than it did 20 years ago, and that hour seemed to go by much faster than it did 200 years before that and so forth. Time seems to go by faster to us as spirits negotiating this plane of existence, because even though our bodies are trapped in the physical and register time the same way our clocks and various timepieces do-- our souls are aware, on another level, that we're "out of sync" with what time USED to be like when we were younger. Remember when a 40 minute drive seemed like a journey? Anyone? Some of this is explained via metabolism rate differences between childhood, adolescence, and adulthood-- but it doesn't explain it completely to my mind. Nor to many other people, apparently! On the spiritual level, time is NOT flowing at the same rate and most of us can't help but notice this as we go along. It keeps going faster and faster-- to the point of getting rather ridiculous since we're towards the very bottom of the tip of the vortex. Each year is obviously shorter than the next, each season that much closer together... According to this theory of time-- which I've heard now from not only Weidner, but from my own personal teachers and other sources-- time does NOT always work this way.

The other major effect of such a period in the cycle is that of how flexible and permeable reality is itself. How much "room" is there to maneuver within and influence reality? How often do other realities share the same space as our time-space? Because we live in such a dense reality at the bottom of the vortex, the laws which govern existence seem pretty nuts 'n bolts, cut 'n dry. We can count on things happening by the "rules" of our dominant time-space reality to the extent that many people don't believe any other realities even exist. You can't work magick or prayer very powerfully in such a period, though folk memories and soul memories of other times seem to tell us that once this was not so. You don't see things which counter the dominant rules of what's possible very often, like werewolves, angels, or holes in the sky that reveal mysterious cities, either! 

Remember how I've talked about leaks from other realities as seeming to be responsible for most of the paranormal events we witness? My guess is that leaks from those other parallel worlds are much more possible, even probable, in different stages of the time cycle. Some call that differential between worlds "membranes" or "veils" and say these can thin or thicken at different times. Right now, we are about as far removed from concurrent realities as it is possible to be.

However, even so, ritual and spiritually directed meditation are things that can "thin the veils" and allow for magick and other realities to pop through on a very limited basis. For example, places where people still practice very intense ritual or prayer like Native American or Australian Aboriginal sites have by FAR the most paranormal activity to be found on our planet-- quiet aside from geo-magnetic and electro-magnetic fluctuations in the Earth's field! Even within what we call conventional religions today, those that practice heavy ritual and prayer have more anomalous events occur around them. Devout Catholics have far more paranormal phenomena in their lives than do Protestants-- and lack of ritual for the Protestants seems to be the why. For those that practice NO rites and direct NO spells or prayers or even "profoundly focused intent" like adherants to The Secret do-- their chances for running across anomalies are significantly diminished. 

Our own MINDS
are a very important part of what makes up reality. Even die-hard physicists are coming across this fact more and more-- especially on the quantum (or extremely tiny) scale of reality. Probably because the ONE thing that stays intact between realities IS our spirit-mind. We don't just exist within reality, we help to warp and weave it! I'm not saying everyone should start thinking we have total control, or even a LOT of control, over our reality-- because at this stage of the time-cycle we do not. Magick, prayer, focused intent-- are really very difficult right now. And we don't have faeries and otherworlds intruding upon our domain very often.

But this is not always the case.

There's much more to say-- but I'll have to continue to take my time saying it-- piece by piece as it were. Let me know if you have any reactions or thoughts at all being catalyzed by this Nexus Future series as we go along. I welcome all forms of commentary-- even criticism! As I said at the beginning of this series, I'm not out to convince anyone of anything, just wanting to share some of what sorts of things I'm thinking about right now.