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wraith choir

May 2008

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lucretiasheart in nexus_future

Mod Post #1: Reality May Be About To Change, So...

I've decided, given what I see escalating in the world, to begin a new community based upon my personal writing. 

Nexus Future shall be about ongoing events that I believe are heralding a massive change in our world. I keep most of my more personal beliefs about such things to myself, but I think the time has come to be more forthcoming. IF I'm correct, then soon anyone paying attention will begin to notice the world shifting-- and not too long after that even the walking dead will raise their noses to the air and sniff in concern.

I'm not absolutely wedded to my beliefs, mind.  What will follow in the days, weeks, and months to come will be my own speculations and observations regarding the changes that are already upon us (if only very lightly.) Still, I very much want everyone to know ahead of time that I am not trying to convince anyone of anything.  Time will unveil the future in its own way and at its own pace regardless of how we think to shove it into boxes and label it! I know this. I am not arrogant enough to assume a sustained belief in things outside my ability to prove with confidence. 

So I don't...!

But I wonder... and I do come, eventually, to some very tentative conclusions along the way. Sometimes these notions shift as new information comes to light. I've been on a journey of discovery for some 30 years now-- since I first realized something in my own personal experiences wasn't matching up with what most others declared reality to be. My earnest desire to understand and explain these things to myself led me down some very odd paths. 

I passionately study many areas in the sciences, history, and human behavior, and yes-- the paranormal. I checked one explanation against another, always seeking to discover what "truth" made the most sense and had the most evidence to back it up-- and it wasn't always what the "collective conventional wisdom" declared it should be. 

And... I have decided to start sharing some of what I'm investigating or thinking about here in this format. I know some will laugh (and that's okay, because I often laugh at myself.) Some may be alarmed at what I say. Some may think, "I've known it somehow all along." Most will simply ignore it, because they don't know how to react and no reaction at all is often the safest bet in our crazy world. I'm okay with it all. As I've said, my intention is NOT to convert others or in any way impose myself upon them. I am merely sharing with any who may find themselves curious. And inviting anyone who wants to do the same to join me.


I'm rather pleased to have stumbled upon this community you've created. I'm looking forward to seeing what's developing through the viewpoints of others. I've had some personal experiences involving the supernatural myself lately, most notably last Friday while at a friends house, where three of the four of us are sensitives to some extent. (The details of that are in my journal under "spiritual happenings," but are locked private.) My personal experiences vary from yours as I'm Therian (wolf/feline spirit), with only spiritual occurrences instead of physical extraterrestrials.

I find it interesting to note that at the times you mentioned increases in occurrences during the past year, I had an inkling of the same. Though in my case, since I'm a bit obtuse and don't pay attention, what I felt late last year and in February was a drive to Seek, which brought me here to LJ and the therian community I belong to here. What happened last Friday with my friends seems to have been a result of what two described as chaos from the astral plane as it partially merges with ours, which will result in a higher frequency of occurrences in the near future. It's interesting to see that this thread ties in through yours, through quite a range of experiences...


Ah-- my first victim *cough* guest! =^)

It seems that supernatural incidents are up across the board lately-- as I'll be posting about soon. This is fortunate, as it offers new material for speculation currently.

I've yet to hear of the Therians, but I look forward to learning more-- sounds rather shamanic to me to begin with.

"from the astral plane as it partially merges with ours" Ah! Yes. Something along these lines is a great part of where my curiosity lays.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

Re: Welcome!

Therian is short for Therianthrope. According to the rest of the world, we're a rather strange subculture and possibly schizotypal. In our view, there's something about us that connects strongly with a particular animal, either in our spirit, our soul as a reincarnated life, or as a guardian spirit or totem in some cases. Mine is both wolf and feline and seems to be linked to past lives. I'm still exploring that aspect.

I'm a bit of a sensitive, though nothing really spectacular. I'm not good at paying attention and I've had no training; quite the opposite, with 26 years of being a Roman Catholic Christian. I'm not supposed to believe in any of this XD My journal goes into better detail about what's been going on around here than I can fit here, from a wierd phone call to my line at work, with silence on the other end of the line, that somehow ended up being recorded on my cell phone (while it was off) as an incoming voice mail -- starting with the voice tree message you get when you call my office. How an incoming call to work became an incoming call to my cell phone voicemail, starting with the machine and ending with my own voice... Coupled with the unusual happenings in my friend's kitchen and backyard that evening, we figured out it was connected to my astral self.

You're welcome to come take a look into my journal; it isn't always coherent but "supernatural happenings" deals with what's going on now, and "my therianism" tracks my introspection into my spiritual side as a therian. The entries from last week, in one of the replies, talks about a dimensional portal I came across. I was too nervous to post it as part of that main post, even though it's private-locked.

I'll add you in so you can see.