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wraith choir

May 2008

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lucretiasheart in nexus_future

Mod Post #2: Why the Sudden Escalation of Speculation

I'm starting this new community that shall speculate and ruminate about the many amazing things that ARE occuring in our world now and that I believe will gain momentum in the very near future. 

My research into the realms of the strange have led me to see that our planet goes through cycles wherein anomalous events are more and less likely to occur. I'm not the only one who has noticed these waves of weirdness, and their "flaps" of sightings and reports of unusual things. They are well documented as linked to the Earth's geomagnetic field and it's rise and fall. When the magnetic fields of the Earth strengthen, so too does our likelihood of running into a crypto-creature or UFO and of our showing "psychic" talents or having ESP-type experiences. What's odd to me is that it isn't ANY sort of magnetic field (if it was, then MRIs would be a hotbed of freakiness) but only GEOmagnetic fields and things which tie into it that seem to make a difference on reality. Perhaps the magnetic field fluctuates partially based upon some level of reality that we are not yet aware of-- and it is not the magnetic field itself that causes the reality shift, but rather is one of the many symptoms OF it. 

When the Earth goes through a magnetic field jump, weirdness goes up. The late 80s to the very early 90s saw the LAST such wave cycle. Then, from about the mid-90s until last year, the magnetic field of the Earth flattened out and even weakened to the point scientists were scratching their heads about it... Interestingly, during this period UFO sightings and other reported anomalies went way, WAY down! In fact, for nearly a decade, reports were UNDER the "normal" rate-- to an astonishing extent. This is counter-intuitive, since the internet has consistantly shown that INTEREST in weird things remains so consistantly high only pornography is more popular! Yet, actual reports, even in this new era of wider acceptance of such things, was down. It was so low, in fact, that some skeptics declared that with the coming of the internet, people were simply too sophisticated and educated-- having matured past primitive superstition (again, this despite the fact that the internet shows interest in paranormality second only to sex) to fool themselves into thinking they see or experience such things anymore. They proudly announced the end of an era. In the meantime, much of the internet ended up being devoted to the few oddities left and discussion of the flaps and waves of the past. 

I actually wrote about this a bit last summer-->  magnetism and Litha/ the summer solstice -http://lucretiasheart.livejournal.com/332625.html

During this time in the abduction world, abductees I knew personally through the 1986 --'93 moderate wave were enjoying their comparitively peaceful lives. Most of us were being ignored (by the aliens) during most of that time period. Researchers who had been over-whelmed with cases from the mid-60s onward noticed the trend as well, and had few new reports compared to the past. Most of their research was in playing "catch-up" for all the things that happened during the last active cycle. Everyone wondered what was up-- although some were expecting it, and felt it wouldn't last forever.

My own life mirrored the pattern above. I USED to have anomalous events monthly on average, and sometimes weekly! But when the mid-90s hit, suddenly things were down to once or twice a year. Still remarkably above normal, but completely flat and banal compared to my youth! At times, I was relieved; at other times, I was frustrated. One grows accustomed to things, even strangeness! And I, too, seemed to recall that this was supposed to happen...

But starting late last summer, something shifted. I began to have more paranormal experiences again, including 2 rather remarkable UFO sightings, along with some odd military activity-->  
military helicopter activity- 
http://lucretiasheart.livejournal.com/337289.html , 
Lunasa UFO sighting- 
http://lucretiasheart.livejournal.com/339948.html , 
Halloween Eve UFO sighting- 
http://lucretiasheart.livejournal.com/345858.html .  

At the same time, pops and cracks were beginning to seep through in reports of odd things across the entire planet. Since February of THIS year, anomalies have gone off the charts when it comes to such reports, at levels unprecedented since the first big UFO/anomaly waves of the 1950s. (There have been waves before that, of course, but I refer to such within the context of the modern media.) 

AND I've found, in my years and years of pouring over documentation and reports myself, that there are several cycles that seem to be shifting or about to shift in several areas, and these cycles all seem to converge at some sort of an "nexus point" due within but a few years. 

There are climatic cycles showing heating, carbon dioxide emissions, and sudden coolings and shifts in precipitation. There are cosmic cycles that are only barely understood that seem to be shifting-- did you know that the Earth is not the only planet in the solar system that is experiencing sudden climatic shifts just now? The sun is not acting normal either-- and so perhaps our sister planets' changes are explained thus. More solar spots-- more solar flares-- more radiation. And yet again this seems to fit in with some ice core samples showing that similar things have happened thousands of years in the past. So, weather wise...? I'm guessing that we ain't seen nothing yet, folks!

There are also the intriguing calendars and long-term cultural beliefs of the ancients. The Mayans, the Egyptians, the (East) Indians, the Gnostics, the Greeks, the Babylonians and several others had some rather intriguing things to say about the past and the future! How much was myth and how much truth buried in folk memory is difficult to say, but the fact so many agreed about certain things is what I find compelling. Mystics, prophets, and psychics of all ages in all cultures also said some astonishingly similar things regarding reality, time, where we came from, and where we're going. 

Oh yeah-- and those aliens who abducted me dozens and dozens of times? They had some things to say too... not so far from what the patterns mentioned above say, either. From what I've heard other abductees say (though much of it is screened through their own belief filters, same as everyone else) they've been told much the same as myself and my husband. And can this be coincidence, too? 

I don't know. But I love to wonder about it and hazard my own versions of a guess! And that is what I want to discuss in this community. Some of the news that seems to fit is worth discussing as it happens (although in truth there is SO MUCH out there right now I honestly don't have time to post it all). And then there is all my amassed data bouncing around in my brain trying to find a pattern of reasoning to stick to... also fun to talk about. The ramifications of all this may be alarming, even frightening, but I confess I find myself more excited to discover what it could mean-- if it means anything. If not, then what the fuck have all these other people (and non-people!) been rambling on about for centuries upon centuries? 

Could it be we're going to witness something amazing?

Stay tuned!