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May 2008

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Mod Post #3: Crop Circles & Ancient Calendars

For today's dive into the deep-- I bring you... Crop Circles!

The news that some crop circles are quite obviously solar and lunar calendars (some so advanced and sophisticated they took serious academics 2 to 3 years to interpret!) is creating more and more internet "noise" as of late. The examples of the new "sundial-type" crop circles can be found at this link:


It is really amazing mind blowing stuff here. Basically, they explain how the new type (since 2003) of crop circles that are solar/lunar calendars are similar to the stone megalithic calendars found all over the British Isles and indeed the world (including many Native American "sun wheel" sites.) If you take the time to actually read the details, you'll educate yourself to knowing 3 different ways to read stone circles-- or even how to build your own!

So where does the "reality's fall" part come in? Simple... towards the end when the writer of the article wonders about why most crop circles pop up next to these ancient stone calendars and what this may say of the crop circle artists themselves (the genuine, non-hoaxing ones, that is.) 

In light of these new geometrical and astronomical analyses, it has become clear that the four crop pictures discussed above: Avebury 2003, Oliver's Castle 2007, Hackpen Hill 2003 and Avebury 2005, could not plausibly have been made by local human fakers.

Instead, it seems increasingly plausible that the modern crop artists come from a culture which is more technologically sophisticated than our own, yet still have close links with a long-forgotten race of Irish megalith builders known as the Tuatha de' Danaan. Their name means literally "People of Anu" or "People of the Star-Sky". The Latin words "deus" and "dea" for "god" and "goddess" derive from them. 

Most of what we know today about the Tuatha de' Danaan comes from studying megalthic sites, or from reading ancient legends such as those complied in the Lebor Gabala Erren (Leinster,1150 AD): "The Tuatha de' Danann came to Ireland in dark clouds. They landed on the mountains of Conmaicne Rein in Connacht, and brought a darkness over the sun for three days.... Thereafter the Tuatha de' Danaan took kingship of Ireland. Gods were their men of arts, and non-gods their husbandmen". Eachaid Ua Flainn, a poet from 985 AD, wrote: "The Tuatha de' Danaan had no vessels. No one knew whether it was out of the heavens, or out of the earth, that they came. Were they even men?"

Now the Tuatha de' Danaan who emigated to Ireland were reportedly tall, fair-skinned blondes or redheads with blue or green eyes. They dramatically upgraded the local Irish gene pool by interbreeding, so as to create the Celtic-Gaelic race we see today. St. Patrick recorded how one of their pure-bred women married an Irish king in 400 AD. They made the golden torc, and could move heavy stones with ease.

And as if in confirmation of the legend, modern genetic research has shown that the inhabitants of western Ireland today near Connacht show certain rare DNA polymorphisms within their Y chromosomal DNA, shared by no other European people apart from the Basques. [Who, by the way, also say they are decended from "gods from the star-sky"-- just saying...]

But where did they come from originally? How did they reach Ireland by air? What kinds of technology might they have brought with them? And why do so many modern crop pictures appear near their ancient sites of settlement, often showing Celtic or even sundial-type astronomical motifs?

For those of you who are serious Tolkien Elf fans-- I offer a fun tidbit that many of you I'm sure are already aware of: Tolkien's "Elves" are derived from the legends of the Tuatha De Danaan, aka "Sidhe", aka "Fair People" (High Faeries). In point of fact, the root for the word "Elf" for "people of the stars" is the same as the root word for "Angel"-- and why all those angels had "els" at the end of their names! The way Elves are described in European legend is nearly identical to how Angels are described in the Middle Eastern legends. This same mythical race has been called gods, angels, and super-men by the normal humans who encountered them-- depending upon which area and era of the world it was that these unusual advanced people were encountered. 

Some apparently wonder if the genuine crop circle artists are somehow related to the "star people."  Hmmmm!