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wraith choir

May 2008

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Mod Post #5: What's Tolkien Got To Do-- Got To Do With It?

On with my series of speculative writings regarding changes in the world. If you missed some and want to catch up just scan down for posts #1 thru 4.

First, I wanted to share what a modern day, self-proclaimed "Modern Spiritual Alchemist" says regarding some of this future scenario business. His name is Jay Weidner. You can find his stuff at www.jayweidner.com .

And this is in essence Tolkien's message. That even though the odds are overwhelmingly against us, even though greed and corruption consume our very souls in this Final Age of the cycle, even though everything appears to be lost and the forces of darkness are about to lay claim to victory, somehow, someway good triumphs. Tolkien appears to be saying that there are superior forces that have our interests at heart and that these superior forces are guiding our race and our species. These forces, that occupy what we might refer to as 'upper earth', wield their invisible hand to insure that Frodo succeeds and that we survive. Tolkien tells us that even the smallest of us is important. That creatures like the Hobbits Frodo and Sam can virtually alone defeat the powers of darkness and that they have an invisible ally that makes sure that they succeed. 

From the alchemical perspective of the cyclic flow of time, out of the darkness of this Age of Iron, a new Golden Age of humanity will begin. The 'quality of time' will be altered and in an instant our reality will be transformed. The true Masters and adepts of spiritual traditions from around the world will tell you that the seeds of this transformation exist within each and every human being, in fact it is for this reason that they call the human body the 'sacred alchemical vessel of transformation'. For having been gifted by the Divine with 'free will', in every moment, we have the power to choose our own path. As Frodo, Gandalf, Sam, Aragorn and their friends did in The Lord of the Rings, we must open our hearts and walk the Path of the Light. Not because it is easy, but because we know that it is right.

It is no coincidence that the film version of The Lord Of The Rings was released in 2001, 2002 and 2003. The Cross of Hendaye marks the Autumnal equinox of 2002 as the climax of history. Utilizing the Magical Alchemy of Light and sound, Peter Jackson's filmic representation of The Rings Trilogy bookends that year perfectly. A few months before the initial release of the first film, the end of the Fourth Age was inaugurated by the destruction of the Two Towers in New York City. Fulcanelli warns us in Le Mystere des Cathedrales that the end of this Age will soon be upon us and that the northern hemisphere will be tried by fire. 

As we are writing this article, the Northern hemisphere is just completing it's hottest summer in 500 years. As an anomaly this would not be disturbing, but the fact is, that in the last 11 years since 1992, each summer has grown progressively hotter than the one before. Due to greenhouse gases, output from the sun, or perhaps just because its the end of another Age our planet is being burned up just like the Ring in the fires of Mt. Doom...

Interesting take on what some have called "a faith in divinity" for a very long time. The idea that I wanted to touch on briefly here was that of faith in some ultimate good that can intervene on our behalf. It's an alluring notion, and one I am drawn to-- which seems natural. But even aside from this, I sometimes feel very deeply and intuitively that things that happen on this cycle we're all a part of really need to happen this way. That from some far-off perspective it's meant to be and all to the good. But then the Doubting Mind of Reason steps in and says, "Oh yeah? And where is your logic for this conclusion? Where is the evidence to back it up?"  And I have no answer for that...

All I have is a strong FEELING, which is difficult to quantify. How does one apply an intuitive sense to an unknown that could very well be wishful thinking deeply disguised? And yet-- and yet still the strong feeling is deeply seated within that what is coming, though it may be -- NOT FUN-- is all a part of some Grand Plan by... Well, that would be another question, but by some sort of higher spiritual intelligence I guess. 

I end up almost trying to talk myself out of this feeling. I have been taught well not to trust such things, and I can see the good sense in ignoring self-serving notions that only serve to comfort, not necessarily to speak of truths!  I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds a measure of, well, shame, in finding that I still have something akin to

From the symbolism of LOTR to shame in faith-- what a post!  But, seriously, isn't it weird that we live in a time where we can feel ashamed to have faith in things? When people used to be made to feel ashamed if they did NOT have faith? Which is worse, I wonder? And does it matter if we do have it -- so long as we live our lives as if we don't? (Or the opposite-- Fake It For Faith!)