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If you're wondering WHY the moderator of this community is so into "this freaky stuff" I suppose I'll have to explain that a bit, too!

You see, I'm one of those humans who has more hands-on personal experience with all these strange things in our world. In a way, it makes me something of a cheater. I get to know more than most people. Rather than, as Budd Hopkins says, having more beliefs than miracles, like a religious fanatic-- I'm one of those people who has more miracles than beliefs. If, by miraculous, I mean "impossible within the context of reality as it is agreed upon to be by most." Heh.

I have 2 distinct advantages in the speculation department: I am psychic and I am an alien abductee (I prefer "abductee" rather than "contactee" or "experiencer" because it was never my conscious choice to deal with aliens.) And no, most psychics do NOT see aliens. Neither are most abductees psychic (However, the longer you've had aliens messing with your family line the more likely you are to be psychic as well as an abductee.) I've met many people of both categories over the years and as of now the two bisect only infrequently.

So...I'm psychic, or "highly intuitive," though only very rarely in the way that most people think of as "psychic." First and foremost, I am an "anomaly attractor." Like my husband, Gerick. Outside witnesses have been present when many truly bizarre things have happened to both myself and the hubby-- and I say THAT to reassure you that I am not just some really cogent crazy person. I've lived in several haunted houses, again with witnesses who also experienced the ghosts. I've seen UFOs-- though that's more related to the second thing. I've had MANY paranormal experiences personally. Although I've never seen Bigfoot, my husband's seen some Ohio version of it, so when I say we seem to run into freaky things at a ridiculous rate-- I'm not kidding! I also don't think it's coincidental that we keep running into these sorts of things when most people have at most 2 or 3 incidents over the course of their lives and indeed some people NEVER see anything abnormal no matter how much they want to!

I have had dreams about the future, and some conscious flashes-- and I'm a damn good tarot reader in most cases, if I do say so myself! But seeing the future is neither a reliable nor common talent. I can see auras and other things into what some call the "astral" range of vision, and since what I see is very much like what some others can see I'm pretty sure it's not all projected imagination. I have some other small skills that would be deemed "psychic" but I'm so cerebral that to an extent I've numbed myself out of using my intuitive talents with ceaseless second-guessings. That pattern is beginning to reverse, but it's been a long way in and out again.

And yes, I've seen, touched, smelled, and communicated with "aliens." Although I can't say for certain what they are-- I know they are intelligent and non-human, and "alien" seems as good a label as any for now. Yes, I've been aboard "ships." Yes, I'm dead serious-- I am one of those people. My husband and I have witnessed one another's abductions (for Budd Hopkins, the abduction researcher, is the one who put us in contact with one another, all the way across the country, when Gerick was 19 and I 20.) Other people who have lived with us have seen and heard things that backed up memories we had of abductions as well. Although, I'd have to say it was when several of my neighbors in Lancaster, Ohio saw me being walked down an alley in the middle of the night in 1992 by a bunch of the Greys and they called the cops, just frantic, about the lady "being led by a bunch of naked bald children wearing sunglasses" (at NIGHT!) that I count as being my best outside proof that these things have happened to me.

Anyways, I suppose my point in telling you the above is to say that anyone who is both psychic and deals with aliens regularly is bound to either go insane or learn to question outside the box! And so... I question EVERYTHING. So many people think they have the ultimate answer to reality: it's God, or Allah, or Nirvana, or Nothing, or whatever the Popular Media says it is. I see cracks and weaknesses in all those ideas, and yet still question my own!

And THAT is why I am such a mind freak. It's hard not to be when you've lived my life! =^)